Students will be using this platform as an opportunity to show their stuff!!!!!!

WE have created 4 pages

Advanced Learning Plan-here students will create goals for their yearly academics around their ALP strength areas. We will also use a multiple intelligence test to construct very specific goals in all of the their strength area classes.

Passion Projects- here students will develop an in depth research project of their desire and have products that will impact a chosen community. You see a link to this on my home page as well where you can be updated on the need to s for this project. They will commence week of of the semester but we consistently discuss their development from day one. You can see evidence of this development on the this page of their word press.

Interdisciplinary-here students will develop with 4 other students outside their major a thematic project that has multiple perspectives. As passion projects are presented they will look for connections to their own project. They will then organize a collaborative group for a multi media project.

Major-here students are encouraged to display works of their major to demonstrate their talent