The Edmodo group your student is logged into for his/her class is specific to our class homework and product grades.


Homework always involves reading for homework. This homework will be due Tuesday nights. I will grade this work online Wed morning and we will use the responses for discussion in class on Wed. If the weekly schedule is modified their will be an update to the modification on their classroom page of this website. The first few weeks the assignment has been posted by me, the students are responding to me, and they receive a grade on the assignment in realtime.As this because fluid, students will begin filling specific roles within their literacy circles and post the assignment within the small groups. They will then receive the grade online as well.

Literacy circle roles of ENGAGEMENT:

Provoker,Wordsmith,Connector,Elaborator: details will follow on in link as we move into this work

Product grades are based on classwork of several days to which students will respond by synthesizing the work. This will be done in class and will be graded in real time under the assignment as it is turned in.

ALL assignments have due dates and will be locked. If the assignment is late it can not be turned in for a grade. However, if a student had spoken with me about the circumstances, I can remove the lock for the assignment.


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