PP workday Expectations

Objective- I will read and gather more information on my passion, recording the time, insights and or questions on my log.






Questions addressed at conference table

Sign up on conference


* 10 points for your work, each time expectations are not being meet a point will be deducted from your participation grade


Presence is far more intricate and rewarding an art than productivity.




Product Choice/ALP goals: 1/15

Product choice is up for change until April


Passion Topic selected: 1/22

Topic choice change until February, however the depth of the topic may bring you to new perspectives through the project


Design driving question: 1/27

Audience decided:1/29


First Draft of Interview questions:1/29

These will be revised up until interview is complete



Begin Independent Reading on topic: 2/5

Resources found: 2/5

Begin logging reading 2/5


Depth and Complexity Packet

Each Thursday we will work on one of the focuses in the pink depth and complexity packet as according to syllabus. That focus page will be due the following Monday.


Organize thoughts: 4/13

Unanswered questions and organize of pink packet


Write essay: 4/18


Essay due: 4/22


Create products: 4/25


Products due: 4/29



In class Presentations: 5/2-5/20



Presentation Showcase: 5/27