Welcome. Be prepared to grow your mind!!!!!!! The semester curriculum will investigate 2 of the four 4 sub disciplines of anthropology: biological and cultural.   This will give you knowledge of human diversity through evolution and migration. We will look at how this developed objectivity/subjectivity and stereotypes/biases. You will practice this knowledge with an ethnography of a major other than your own using tools that include observation, surveying, and interviews.

You will create products that fit your learning and complete goals as according the ALP (advanced learning plan) we write. I am very excited to be working with you. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank You

Kimberly Menetrier




Week 1-intro of materials

Week 2&3&4-genetics, migration, adaptation

Week 5-the brain, left vs right.

Week 6&7-elements of culture, stereotypes & biases

Week 8&9-sub culture

Week 10-observation

Week 11-ALP goals

Week 12-survey

Week 13-interviews

Week 14-observation

Week 15-paper write up

Week 16-product creation

Week 17-presentaions

Week 18-presentations

Week 19-presentations

Week 20-film

Week 21-closing

Please refer to the anthropology page on my wordpress for class updates



Composition notebook


Edmodo account to turn in work

Word press account for portfolio and updates



Students are expected to be in class and on time. If tardies become a pattern they will be addressed via the discipline ladder.



Phones can be an integral part of our curriculum, but can also be a distraction. If phone are out during inappropriate times I will confiscate them.



The culminating grade will be made of three parts: process, product, and project. The content and weight of these assignments is progressive. Process 25%, Product 25%, Project 50%



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