8th Grade GT Elective-Theory of Aesthetics

Awareness can build your most powerful tool, your brain. A curriculum including philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, and aesthetics will be used as a critical guide to understanding our senses. You will be in interdisciplinary groups that will culminate with multi media projects every Friday. The products for these projects will be driven by the goals you set according to your ALP(advanced learning plan) and a multiple intelligence test which you will demonstrate via an Interdisciplinary project. With your WordPress academic portfolio, you will create a portfolio that will engage organizational skills that strengthen executive functioning and autonomy. There will be an online literacy component to investigate scientific literature. I am very excited to be working with you. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank You

Kimberly Menetrier




Week 1-intro

Week 2-Da Vinci principals

Week 3-brain

Week 4 meditation

Week 5-ALP goals

Week 6-interdisciplinary

Week 7-10-sight

Week 11-14-sound

Week 15-taste

Week 16-smell

Week 17-touch

Week 18-presentation

Week 19-presentation

Week 20-shambhala

Week 21-closing

Please refer to the Aesthetics page on my wordpress for class updates-



Composition notebook


Edmodo account to turn in work

Word press account for portfolio and updates

Colored pencils



Students are expected to be in class and on time. If tardies become a pattern they will be addressed via the discipline ladder.



Phones can be an integral part of our curriculum, but can also be a distraction. If phone are out during inappropriate times I will confiscate them.



The culminating grade will be made of three parts: process, product, and project. The content and weight of these assignments is progressive. Process 25%, Product 25%, Project 50%



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